How to Choose an International Shipping Company for Your Online Shop

Concentration and hard work is key

Starting you’re an own online business involves a lot of serious work. During the initial phase, apart from the fun and excitement of designing and setting up your website and accounts on social media, you have to do the mundane task of choosing a shipping company. How do you know a good one anyway?


Below are the most essential issues you have to look into before you decide to work with a global fulfillment solutions service:


Products Shipped and Locations Covered


First and foremost, determine the types of products accepted by your potential shipper, and the locations where they ship. When assessing various various companies, ask about permitted specs, like sizes, shapes, shapes, etc. Remember, not all carriers will take everything. Expensive or fragile items such as jewelry could be refused, so don’t forget to check beforehand. Of course, you need a carrier that will ship to the places you’re opening your business to. This may sound obvious, but it’s ironic that it can be overlooked. Just because a company says they ship to Asia doesn’t mean they ship to all points across the continent. Here’s more for you to read:


Market Reputation


Don’t just choose a shipping carrier with cheaper rates; you may just end up with a lost or delayed shipment – both extremely bad for your business. You need to research on the reputation of every company you’re considering, and again, the reasons are obvious. On top of their shipments being successful, you’d also like to focus on your prospect’s customer service. They should have a record of providing efficient solutions to client concerns.


Live Rates


Have you tried shopping online and getting an automatic computation of shipment rates based on product details, like weight, destination, etc.? Such are called live rates, and they can provide an advantage to your customers. They will surely love you for it!


Speed of Delivery


In terms of international shipments, you could be looking at a time frame of 3 to 14 days, depending on the origin and destination. Compare different carriers and go for the one that delivers the fastest, all other things being equal.


Shipment Tracking Services


Tracking services from enable you to determine if the package is still in transit, has arrived at the destination, ready for pickup or delivery, etc. We all want a carrier that provides this service because we like to be updated on our shipment’s status.




Please take note that not all shipping companies provide insurance, so you really have to check with every prospect on your list. You and customers deserve that peace of mind! Insurance may even be a selling point for your business.




Choose a shipping carrier that will come and pick up your packages from your office or warehouse, instead of you having to bring them over. This can mean so much for a starting business, where time, effort and cash savings are precious.




Finally, if you want to offer free shipping, it’s crucial to compute for your products’ pricing products while factoring in your carrier’s rates. If you intend to provide shipment options, be sure to post all rates per size, weight and/or destination.